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ript tsc os p inventions, with no one left untouched by them and seemingly nothing remaining the same. We live in a time that requires a refreshed kind of observance and attentiveness to how we live, work and play; how we regard the world about us and the worlds beyond us; how we learn to conduct our commerce, politics and technologies. Everything is being scrutinized as perhaps never before. from the editors Dear Ornament Reader, 80 ORNAMENT 37.1.2013 The power of making and the importance of being skilled in your life choices, whether designing a piece of jewelry, constructing an item of clothing, or publishing a magazine, is an essential subtext of each issue of Ornament. Making is a universal aspect of being human, marks our humanity from other lifeforms on our planet, and is probably one of the determinant forces in our evolution as a species. It crosses all world cultures and is a connective tissue that unites our history and peoples. But making comes with a warning that we must be vigilant with what we choose to do. The double face of Janus comes to mind and its symbology reaches into the very center of our extraordinary existence as beings: our ability to both create and destroy. The artists we cover are firmly on the side of life, in what they do and how they live and, they among the multitudes, are helping us evolve to the betterment of the Earth we so tenuously and tenaciously inhabit. The forces of change that are pulsing through the early decades of the twenty-first century seem to be gathering force and sometimes can seem daunting. We have experienced an explosion of information and Even with our new challenges, the world still manages to value the artist's search for the new and the unknown, explorers they be, armed with the instruments of their particular tools and methods. It is because artists must begin with their hands and use them to express an inner nature that an important link is established between the physical and the cosmic. Soetsu Yanagi has written that, "Every artist knows that he is engaged in an encounter with infinity and that work done with heart and hand is ultimately worship of life itself." In times of transformation, there are basic things, underpinnings of life, that must be kept, continued and encouraged, for without them we are unmoored, lost at sea with no anchor. It has always been our belief that an unwavering dedication to the propagation of craft, the handmade, is just such a vital element. The beauty of craft is an expression of humanity's limitless potential, a blue sky with no ceiling, with bright suns and glowing moons that beckon us to grow and evolve, to create and not destroy. Welcome, and thank you for being part of our community of fellow explorers, and for helping us enjoy the seasons of our lives in this most astonishing of places.

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