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LASER WELDING MACHINE frequently used by students, such as Bongsang Cho, Hsiang-Ting Yen and Seungjeon Paik, in creating their jewelry. PLUM FLOWER IMPRESSION brooch by Jiarui Lu, of white Buddhi nut, Tagua nut, sterling silver, copper, twenty-three karat gold leaf, ruby, fresh water pearls, at the Smithsonian Craft Show, 2013. Photograph by Patrick R. Benesh-Liu. found what you imagine the craft world to be like in school and what it actually is are two different things. From the friends she has made to her interaction with customers, Yen has arrived at a more nuanced view as to how the real world functions. She has learned how to cost her work, make pieces in different price ranges, and differentiate her production. "The way I price my work is based on several factors: hours of labor, application of the processes and techniques to each piece, the material cost, and the rarity of the piece (one-of-a-kind, limited edition, production)," she explains. "I'll also take other jewelry artists' prices as a reference or discuss my prices with other experienced jewelry artists." The college's commitment to its students follows them after graduation, with alumni contacts in every major city, as well as several countries. Song personally does what she can to chronicle the paths of her former proteges; she teaches the senior year of jewelry in order to connect with students and figure out what their professional desires are and what opportunities, whether from galleries, craft shows or industries, best suit them. She is happy to announce that the majority of them go on to successful careers in jewelrymaking or design. This private institution has invested considerable resources, human and material, into creating a place where students can remake themselves, and acquire the skills and mental acuity required to become successful members of the arts and crafts community. As an entrepreneurial venture in itself, SCAD puts all the money it generates into improving its campuses and faculty. Currently under the auspices of co-founder Paula Wallace, the Savannah College of Art & Design appears well-prepared to usher in a new age, where students can develop in a journey of personal fulfillment. 65 ORNAMENT 37.1.2013 networking event and through an introduction and a few meetings, I am now the newest local artist in the Grand Bohemian Gallery at the Mansion on Forsyth." Baird seeks to emphasize how making connections can be completely happenstance, and important. "I find that as soon as I show my jewelry to people at these events the questions and referrals/recommendations start flowing freely." Her second recommendation is also crucial. "Make a strong portfolio while in school and get your work photographed professionally. It will serve you for a good bit when you get out of school." She notes also that without your college's facilities, it is unlikely you will be able to make as complicated and high-grade work as when you were in school. Cho has had the good fortune and skill to be accepted into some of the top craft shows in the country, including the Philadelphia Craft Show, American Craft Exposition and Smithsonian Craft Show. He lists how different his experience has been as an exhibitor to when he was a student attending with SCAD. "First of all, you must make your own booth. And you have to think about wholesale and retail. You need to consider transportation, if you have a big booth design you have to rent a truck and deliver your booth there. And also you have the hotel, hotel room and food, and you will be spending much time planning your display. Your display is very important for sales. You need a pedestal, and lighting. If you have good light, you sell more. I firmly believe that." Yen has forged her own path towards becoming an independent jeweler. She has also attended a number of top tier craft shows, like the Philadelphia Craft Show, American Craft Exposition and Craftboston, and has

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