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"As an artist I have always been influenced by tribal cultures—their costumes, their fabrics and especially their use of embellishment and ability to mix different elements together." 58 ORNAMENT 37.1.2013 NAGA TUNIC of handwoven fabric from the Naga tribe of Burma and India, hand-loomed Peruvian trim, hand-dyed indigo sleeve from Mali, silk lining. Earrings by Gretchen Schields. denim jeans and capri pants with embellished details that are produced in China. All of Click's fashion industry experiences alongside of her travels have set the stage for her creative evolution and have served as crucial touchstones for the development of her hallmark design philosophy. She refers to this as "an eclectic cross-cultural style"—based on devising a wellconsidered "total look." She has often moderated popular panel discussions on "How to Create Your Own Style with Artwear" at the annual Pasadena Bead and Design Show. It is her personal calling and mission to encourage women of all ages, sizes and tastes to realize their own individual creative potential with their wardrobes, urging them to become adventuresome with whatever they may have on hand in their closets or drawers. And Click is her own best model of this principle as a "walking work of brilliantly colored textural art." Of particular note for her is the fact that so many handicrafts across the globe are made primarily by women. She affirms that the enduring spirit—as well as the heart-and-soul that emanates from the creators—are valuable testaments to their cultures, which she can honor, support and carry forward by purchasing and incorporating their creations and traditions into her own contemporary interpretations. She maintains a sense of wonder, and an open-minded pan-religious attitude; and is equally captivated by universally meaningful sacred emblems and figures, by the sense of place or community history which they embody; and by the vital energy that emerges from all spiritually based cultures. Many couture designers have offered another source of significant inspiration—among them, Paul Poiret, who reigned in Paris during the 1920s Art Deco era. She looks to his unconfined flowing Flapper silhouettes marked by oriental influences, kimono or cocoon-like shapes, beading, fringed hems, harem pants, and smart cloche hats. Among the prominent style mavens who have caught Click's eye and encouraged her point of view is the elder icon Iris Apfel. Now in her nineties, this interior decorator (whose trademark is her oversized blackframed eyeglasses) has long been a proponent of irreverently combining high-end couture fashion with the unconventional finds she has amassed from the world's bazaars or from local thrift stores. She puts it all together in a Felliniesque theatrical manner—which Click emulates and demonstrates daily in her own version of a vibrant mosaic of personal dress. Her diversity of personal aesthetic influences, early career experiences and ongoing wanderlust has meshed into a rich tapestry of creative activity that ultimately converges in Click's workshop when she embarks on any one of her latest designs. She says that her inner need to travel has also truly expanded her "tool kit" with a broader vocabulary of colors and forms, and has especially increased her sensitivity towards the observation of details. The approach she takes to organizing her household's displays of art and decor also serves as a referential guide map and

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