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Spurs" received awards in the Andy Eisenberg Contemporary Jewelry category. Pruitt and his brother Chris won a first place award for a collaborative bolo tie in 2010. Pruitt also was awarded first place in 2013 in the Andy Eisenberg Contemporary category for the necklace "Midnight Rendezvous." He won the Innovation Award at the 2011 SWAIA Market for "A Fine Line," a belt that had QR (Quick Response) Codes on each of the nine conchos. At the Friday night preview, people were using their cell phones to read the code, which was a poem. Concho Number and what the code reads 1) A Fine Line. 2) We respect our culture and tradition. 3) The world revolves around us. 4) It has been given to us to protect. 5) This is the razor's edge. 6) We balance on this line. 7) We run in both worlds. 8) We speak without saying words. 9) www.patpruitt.com 46 ORNAMENT 37.1.2013 But Pruitt notes his honorable mention in the 2009 Heard Fair was the most challenging to date. He describes his work on "Hot Rod Fruit Bowl" as "sheer terror." Designing the bowl was so important to him that he spent countless hours drawing the flames to perfection, spending excessive amounts of time on the little curves in the design. After the design was finished, he cut the bowl from a single piece of stainless steel and then had to grind all of the edges and polish each one. Polishing was the most difficult step because the piece in its entirety had to be polished in a flat form before he handformed the sheet of stainless to make the finished shape. In all, it took twelve to fifteen hours of polishing. Pruitt notes, "It was exhausting. I could not let my attention sway one bit." Next, he had to handraise the polished sheet with a hammer and follow with touch up polishing. How does he do it? Pruitt describes some of the basic steps. He begins with pencil and paper and SUN WORSHIPPER necklace of 6Al 4V titanium, polycrystalline photo-voltaic cells, stainless steel cable, rubber tubing; CNC machined, pulse arc welded, bead blasted, 2013. F1 SERIES V1.0 belt buckle of 316L stainless steel, natural Lone Mountain turquoise, natural coral, twenty-four karat gold; CNC machined, hydraulic press formed, pulse arc welded, hand inlay, polished, sanded, collaboration with Chris Pruitt, 2011. A FINE LINE concho belt of 316L stainless steel; CNC machined, hydraulic press formed, pulse arc welded, laser engraved, bead blasted finish, 2011.

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